Some of Our Client Results

Ruby Mabry

I didn’t think Andy could pull a story out of me, but he did!

Spencer Humm

I helped a client secure a near BILLION DOLLAR contract!

Valerie Brown

My speaking invites increased by 20%!

Marly Q. Casanova

I spoke at a TED event!

Lorraine J. Wilkes

From 0 to 10 clients in less than 12 months.

Marty Elberg

I got the confidence to go out and get speaking gigs!

Sally Villalaba

This is my foundation!

Laquisha Williams

My business blew up!

Kim Warren-Martin

I now get media attention and my business took off!

Gustavo Pineiro

I now share stages with legendary speakers like Les Brown.

Star Bobatoon

I doubled my fee!

Aileen Castellano

I am now saying YES to me!

Carrol Wilkinson

I launched my business and book career!

Louis Moorer

I am now clear & confident to share my powerful story!

Darien Hill

Clients are rolling in!

Aztry Kelly

Clients are calling!

Carol Boston

I was hired 6 times in 1 year to speak at a Fortune 500 company!

Rudy Larose

I learned a whole new way to grow my business!

Myrna Wolf

Whatever it takes…do it!

Stephania Biddings

I have written 5 books!

Ann McNeil

I am now able to charge $10,000 per client!

Christopher Maes

From personal trainer to national speaker in just 1 year!

Reginald Andre

I earn 7 Figures and my revenue increased 25%!

Ashleigh Hernandez

One of the best investments I have made.

Janelle Montgomery:

I made 4-figures in one day!

Glastinne Celestin

I got the confidence as a public speaker & my business is skyrocketing!

Nancy Allen

I know how to resonate with my audience.

Betty Speaks

I am now a bestselling author traveling the world telling my story.

Dwight Fortune

I became an powerful speaker!

Marilyn Rousseau

I have the confidence to speak anywhere!

Roger Hamilton

I can now present my story with confidence!


This is my secret sauce.

Marlene Stotts

I am now a regular keynote speaker.

Michael Stotts

I gained 10 customers in only 10 days!

Andre Harriott

Increased my results by 30% in 1 year!

Angela Barrens

Broke my fear of public speaking!

Brian Olds

I radically increased my influence and impact!

Torrey Montgomery

I now get huge corporate clients!


Doors flung open for me!

Eddie Johnson

I have never connected with a speaking audience like this before!

David Reece

I became president of the National Sales Network!

Vaughan Nembhard

I exponentially expanded my coaching business!